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Construction of the green trail Colunga-Llastres and Muja, Asturias.

The location of the roads to be improved is located in the vicinity of Colunga and Llastres. It is about two almost parallel paths starting in Colunga. The purpose of the planned works is to prepare a cycle path, taking advantage of pre-existing roads in most cases.

Recovery of Subalpine Habitats Around the Saliencia Lakes, Somiedo, Asturias.

From the mid-1950s until the end of 1978, the company Minas de Somiedo S.A., kept open the exploitation of iron called "Santa Rita" in the Lagos de Saliencia. The tailings and buildings were the object of a first restoration attempt between 1989 and 1993. The overall objective of this project is the restoration of habitats in the surroundings of Los Lagos de Saliencia.

Path for disabled people in the Natural Park of Somiedo, Asturias.

The road covered by this project has a total of 2,088 ml, at the beginning of the old road from Pola de Somiedo to Veigas. The purpose of the planned works is to prepare a recreational-type path, adapted for all types of public, including people with any type of disability, according to the guidelines established by the current regulations, Accessibility Regulation and Barriers Suppression of the Principality of Asturias. (Decree 37/2003 of May 22).


Hydrological Restoration of the Forna River Basin, Ibias, Asturias.

The objective of the project is to recover the forest area of the Sierras de Uría and Marco, one of the mountains affected by the fires, and to stop these erosive phenomena, by establishing a new forest cover in the most affected areas, carrying out a repopulation with native hardwoods and conifers, and try to maintain the natural regeneration of the most favorable areas.


Restoration of the open pit mine of Coto Quirós, Asturias.

Restoration of surfaces of public forest, property of the city council of Quirós, affected by extractive activity of coal in the open sky. Mitigation of visual impacts, reordering of surfaces and holes, filling, stabilization and revegetation.

Silvicultural treatments for the prevention of fires in Proaza and Quirós, Asturias.

Silvicultural treatments in mixed stands of broadleaved and coniferous trees in the state of monte bravo and latizal for fire prevention in the municipalities of Proaza and Quirós.

Construction of livestock and manure shipyard in Santianes, Ribadesella, Asturias.

Livestock shed for meat cows, with an annex manure for waste treatment in the town of Santianes, Ribadesella.

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